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Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Sorry for the silence recently via my web blog. It’s been a busy time at Stone towers or rather on numerous planes and tour buses!

A few months back I had the pleasure of working with a great singer by the name of Leona Lewis originally of X-Factor fame. Since being on that show she has carved an incredible career for herself and had many hit songs. She has recently signed a new deal with Island records so I’m interested to hear what she’ll be doing artistically for the next album. It was a pleasure to have been asked onboard to play drums with her in Berlin and we had a great time bashing the tunes into shape. Originally I was booked for an acoustic show but we did some acoustic versions of some of her hits and a few covers, then a whole bunch of fully produced tunes from her back catalogue. I was actually quite shocked as to how professional Leona was and how she is a stickler for the details much like myself. I had kind of expected her to be what you would expect a typical X-Factor (new to fame) pop star to be like… all about the designer clothes and diva attitude and less about the music and how to craft  a show into something that is entertaining, musically respectable and honest. Leona was a true pro and spent a long time working on vocal parts and making sure she was happy with the vocal arrangements. We had a lot to do in a very very short space of time which is not new and I’m used to that but it was a lot of fun for me and the rest of the band…and I hope for her too. The show came together and was a good mix of acoustic and full band music which I hope we did justice to?

I played cajon / shakers and tambourine on the acoustic tracks which were kindly supplied by my percussion company AA Meinl who are based in Germany. Man…these percussion instruments always sound great which is why I use them and the range of shakers are just out of this world. I have a lot of shakers in my gear stores and always enjoy choosing the right one for various situations. I love that I can get so many different textures from them. Sad I know but I love shakers! I used the SH8BK and the Luis Conte signature SH4BK shakers on this gig along with a CAJ3MB-M cajon with a sure Beta 91 inside and an SM57 on the front. Along with these I used a mounted TMT2-BK and an incredible Artisan AE-MTA2B hand tambourine. The artisan stuff is just the best! Along side my percussion I had a small DW Collecters series kit with Remo coated ambassadors, my Zildjian cymbals and signature Vater sticks/splash sticks.

Although we’d known each other for a few years it was only my second time working with danish guitarist Peter Honoré. The first time was with Brian McFadden for a one off show in London which again was very little prep time and a full show of 25+ songs with only one day rehearsal! There is a pattern forming I can see it!! Anyway, it was a real treat working with Pete and indeed the rest of the great line-up of musicians on this gig. I especially enjoyed the company of the bass player 😉

The band were –

Leona Lewis (Artist)

Luke Juby (Piano/MD)

Peter Honoré (Guitar/Ambience)

Marizia Skeete (BV’s)

Charlotte Mckay (BV’s)

Logic (Bass/clicks & pops)

Ben Stone (Drums/Percussion)

Here are some pics from Rehearsal and the after party which was a lot of fun as you can see. Catch you soon on the road and thanks for visiting my site.


Leona Lewis 2014

Luke Juby doing his MD thing


Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014


Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014


Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014

Leona Lewis 2014



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image image image image imageI’m sitting on a train traveling back home writing this after having just done a one off show with Sir Tom Jones on the 8th March 2014 in Moscow, Russia. Actually only the second show Tom has done in 2014. It was such a great pleasure to play and spend time with the legendary singer again after a break of 18 months since the last show I did with him in Dallas, Texas.

Moscow which I’d never travelled to before this show, was an interesting place. I can safely say I would not want to travel back there for anything other than a tour but I had a blast and was put up in an incredibly swanky luxury hotel/village which is never a bad thing in my book!

The band for this gig consisted of some of the finest musicians I know and we had a great time performing and having fun on and off stage as I always do with these great people.

I hope to upload some video footage soon of some of our performances. Keep a look out for this in the coming weeks.

It’s about time for some sleep now. See ya at a show soon.


The Tom Jones band in Moscow where –

Trevor Mires – Trombone

Henry Collins – Trumpet

Francis Walden – Saxophone

Jamie Moses – Guitar/Vocals

Alex Meadows – Bass

Sam Grimley – Keys/Guitar/Vocals

Christoph Papendieck – Keys/Vocals

Sophie Hiller – Background Vocals

Laura Critchley – Background Vocals

Ben Stone – Drums



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I’m pleased to say that towards the end of 2013 I finished recording drums & percussion on the debut solo album from James Walsh entitled “Turning Point”.  The album from the ex-Starsailor front man will be out on the 7th April 2014.

I hope you all buy and enjoy the album as much as I did playing on it. James is an incredibly talented song writer and I wish him all the best with what I believe is a stand out record for 2014.


This is from James’s blog –

In April I am taking ‘Turning Point’ on the road around the UK and can’t wait to get back out there and play you all my new stuff that I have been working on. The Album release date has now been moved back to 7th April but guys don’t worry it is all for a good cause! I have some special guests up my sleeve and I want to make sure everything is perfect for you all.

Tickets are now on sale for my April tour, details below:

6th April- Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
7th April- King Tuts, Glasgow
8th April- Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
10th April- Deaf Institute, Manchester
11th April- Bodega, Nottingham
13th April- Thekla, Bristol
15th April- Bush Hall, London
16th April- Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Thanks again for all your support, 2014 is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to share Turning Point with you all.

To pre-order Turning Point you can pledge on PledgeMusic 



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Ben has been busy writing and recording for various TV ads/programs recently. Some of these examples can be previewed on his SoundCloud page. Ben says his SoundCloud page is primarily a way for various TV program and TV promo producers to preview a selection of his work with a view to using it or commissioning new pieces.

Ben offers the full recording/production package from initial compositional ideas through to the finished mastered piece of music. Drawing upon some of the worlds best session players if needed or taking care of the whole process in house, Ben can deliver the highest quality in a verity of formats to suit your needs.

Should you wish to use any of Ben’s music please don’t hesitate to get in contact with him via the Book Ben page of his website.



Eclectic tv


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Ben has been featured once again in Rhythm Magazine as part of a blog by fellow drummer Steve Barney on the benefits of healthy living and the importance of staying in tip top shape whilst on the road.

After being ill whilst on a show which had him bed ridden for over a month and unable to work, Ben took it upon himself to get well and change his lifestyle for the better. Healthy eating, juicing fruits & vegetables and cutting out processed foods are a few of the things Ben has done to stay healthy. More info can be found about Ben’s story via this informative blog for Rhythm Magazine.

I started asking about various friends’ and musicians’ health and eating habits. I read a lot about diets, illnesses and conditions including what foods would help combat certain problems. After seeing the documentary by Joe Cross, Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead, which really made me open my eyes, I settled on juicing fruit and vegetables and alongside juicing I now eat balanced meals and cut out almost all dairy and processed foods.”

Visit the blog featuring Ben HERE!


Steve Barneys Health Blog

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead

SMooth Juice





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After many years of using Zildjian cymbals Ben has signed an international endorsement deal with the cymbal giant. Zildjian create some of the finest cymbals in the world which is one of the reasons so many of the worlds top drummers use them.

I am so pleased to be associated with such a fine company who’s instruments I’ve been using for my whole career as a drummer and percussionist. Tina and the team are first class and Ihope we get to work together for many years to come.

You can check out Ben’s Zildjian set-up at

Above: Ben’s Set-up for Sir Tom Jones during the “Praise & Blame World Tour” 2011.


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During a busy rehearsal schedule and just before heading to the USA for some live shows UK Rhythm Magazine caught up with Ben to discuss his career, being a multi instrumentalist and touring with one of the worlds most iconic living legends and fellow countrymen…Sir Tom Jones. In the article Ben speaks about how he got the gig with Sir Tom, his introduction to electronic drums, why he uses the gear he uses with Tom and how he started his life in music.

Read the article published in the February 2013 edition of Rhythm Magazine here and visit for more drum related articles from the mag.

Sir Tom & Ben Stone


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After almost 10 years with Tama drums Ben has made the Switch to Drum Workshop drums ahead of his US tour with Sir Tom Jones. Through a series of chance meetings and certain other factors, Ben made the switch and is said to be totally at home with such a great and forward thinking company.

After playing a friends kit on a tour I was blown away by the sound and feel of DW’s drums under my stick. I’d not felt like that about any of my kits in the past although I didn’t know it at the time. I had know the guys from DW for a while in the UK and so it was a chance conversation that made me float the idea of me playing these fine instruments. Their answer was a resounding yes and they welcomed me into the DW family. I have never felt more at home with a company that always goes the extra mile for me wherever I am in the world. The finishes rock too :-). BS.

Featured image courtesy of David Phillips –

Ben Stone DW Drums