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After many years of using Zildjian cymbals Ben has signed an international endorsement deal with the cymbal giant. Zildjian create some of the finest cymbals in the world which is one of the reasons so many of the worlds top drummers use them.

I am so pleased to be associated with such a fine company who’s instruments I’ve been using for my whole career as a drummer and percussionist. Tina and the team are first class and Ihope we get to work together for many years to come.

You can check out Ben’s Zildjian set-up at

Above: Ben’s Set-up for Sir Tom Jones during the “Praise & Blame World Tour” 2011.


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During a busy rehearsal schedule and just before heading to the USA for some live shows UK Rhythm Magazine caught up with Ben to discuss his career, being a multi instrumentalist and touring with one of the worlds most iconic living legends and fellow countrymen…Sir Tom Jones. In the article Ben speaks about how he got the gig with Sir Tom, his introduction to electronic drums, why he uses the gear he uses with Tom and how he started his life in music.

Read the article published in the February 2013 edition of Rhythm Magazine here and visit for more drum related articles from the mag.

Sir Tom & Ben Stone


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After almost 10 years with Tama drums Ben has made the Switch to Drum Workshop drums ahead of his US tour with Sir Tom Jones. Through a series of chance meetings and certain other factors, Ben made the switch and is said to be totally at home with such a great and forward thinking company.

After playing a friends kit on a tour I was blown away by the sound and feel of DW’s drums under my stick. I’d not felt like that about any of my kits in the past although I didn’t know it at the time. I had know the guys from DW for a while in the UK and so it was a chance conversation that made me float the idea of me playing these fine instruments. Their answer was a resounding yes and they welcomed me into the DW family. I have never felt more at home with a company that always goes the extra mile for me wherever I am in the world. The finishes rock too :-). BS.

Featured image courtesy of David Phillips –

Ben Stone DW Drums