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Ben has been featured once again in Rhythm Magazine as part of a blog by fellow drummer Steve Barney on the benefits of healthy living and the importance of staying in tip top shape whilst on the road.

After being ill whilst on a show which had him bed ridden for over a month and unable to work, Ben took it upon himself to get well and change his lifestyle for the better. Healthy eating, juicing fruits & vegetables and cutting out processed foods are a few of the things Ben has done to stay healthy. More info can be found about Ben’s story via this informative blog for Rhythm Magazine.

I started asking about various friends’ and musicians’ health and eating habits. I read a lot about diets, illnesses and conditions including what foods would help combat certain problems. After seeing the documentary by Joe Cross, Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead, which really made me open my eyes, I settled on juicing fruit and vegetables and alongside juicing I now eat balanced meals and cut out almost all dairy and processed foods.”

Visit the blog featuring Ben HERE!


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