Back on tour during February/March with Universal artist “Michelle”


Hello all you lovely people on the web and social media sites if you’ve followed a link from my various feeds such as FB, Twitter or Instagram! Welcome to my first update on the site in 2015!!! Just a little update really as I’m prepping to go back out on the road. Last year I toured briefly with a big German artist called Helene Fischer playing percussion (lots of it!) but this time I’m back on drums with a German artist called ” Michelle”.  I’ll be honest…I don’t know a lot about this artist but it’s a pop show so I’m planning on using a hybrid kit made up from DW acoustic drums and Roland V-Drums. I love them both equally just like a father loves his kids favouring neither one more than the other. It’s the only way to view it in my opinion. Dance drums just sound better on the machines that make that sound and rock tunes sound better with loud ass acoustic drums! I get the best of both worlds with DW and Roland. The tour is short but should be a lot of fun and a lot of programming judging from my preliminary listenings of the material! I’ll be working with Musical Director Christoph Papendieck again on this which is always such a great pleasure. He is like a machine on the board of keys! In a good way of course! Plus he’s worked with such a great array of amazing artists and sets the bar high which I like.  Oh… I forgot to mention I’ll also be playing acoustic guitar and singing on this tour. I know, I know I should stick to the drums but they wanted an average guitarist who can’t sing and I said instantly ‘I’m your man!’ Haha!

For my German speaking friends the tour dates can be found here – http://www.semmel.de/de/suche/?wpf_crawler=Michelle 

Hope to see you on the road my friends. Stay well and be nice to one and other.


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