Tom Jones 2019 (USA)

By August 22, 2019Personal Notes, Touring

I had the great privilege once again to play for the amazing Sir Tom Jones this year. I have to say that like a fine wine he just keeps getting better with age. I played the US leg of the tour and as always feel very lucky to get to make music with a band of such talented musicians. The band was –

  • Scott McKeon – Guitar
  • Ben Jones – Guitar
  • Owen Barry – Guitar
  • Dave Bronze – Bass
  • Ben Stone Drums
  • Gary Wallis – Drums/MD
  • Paddy Milner – Piano / Hammond / Synth
  • Henry Collins – Trumpet
  • Trevor Mires – Trombone / Sousaphone
  • Francis Walden – Saxaphones

We played a lot of re-worked material from his back catalogue but played in a more stripped down fashion. A little bit more bluesy / gospel style showcasing each of the musicians in different ways. In many ways it was a very musical show and a far cry from the pop tours of late where the music is often the last consideration after the lights and video screens. We played a bunch of classics in the set that Tom loves like “Cry To Me”, “I Wish You Would”, “Take My Love” and “Wonderful World”.

If you get the chance to see Sir Tom this year or next please go do it. He is on top form and it’s been my great pleasure to sit behind him on stage once again.

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